About Cubanita Frozen Foods

By exploring this page, you will gain valuable insight into our company's mission, history, and values, as well as a clear understanding of the products and services we offer.

Cubanita Frozen Foods has a 12,225 square foot plant, located in the heart of Miami’s industrial area, less than two miles from all major highways and Miami International Airport. Our company has a technological advantage, utilizing state of the art processing equipment that ensures only the highest standards of quality that is expected in our fabrication of discos.

Cubanita Frozen Foods sole commitment is one goal: your complete satisfaction. Going on 42 years of experience in the empanada dough market has enabled us to provide excellence when it comes to personalized service as well as emphasizing in product quality, customer care, and innovative ideas that serve to enhance business relations. Customer satisfaction is one of the pillars of our growth and a fundamental part of our business philosophy.

Cubanita Frozen Foods focus in on meeting customer’s everyday needs, combine that with our high quality control standards ensures you will receive only but the finest in distinct empanada dough products. We are devoted to helping you maximize your profits so that you can become more effective and competitive that being said, we find the best solution to fit your food service vending needs. As we are constantly striving to provide the very best empanada dough product in the market.

Cubanita Frozen Foods is a brand you can trust. As America’s leading dough product for household staples, we not only back up our dough products we guarantee Cubanita Frozen Foods empanada products with 100% quality.

Our sales representatives are experts in the industry, and they are here to help you maximize your sales in this high competitive market.

With Cubanita Frozen Foods, quality empanada dough is a tradition going on 42 years.

We recognize that our business success is not sustainable if it ignores the economic, social and environmental foundation on which it is built. At Cubanita Frozen Foods, we are committed to responsible business conduct and we constantly strive to stay in touch with society's changing expectations of us to determine where we can help make a meaningful difference. We focus our efforts in seven areas:

• Agricultural Supply Base

• Contributions and Communities

• Environment

• Governance/Compliance and Integrity

• Nutrition, Health and Wellness

• People

• Quality and Food Safety

As a family-owned and operated business going on 42 years of experience, we understand the importance of providing high-quality foods at competitive prices for you and your family. The Barboza family has gained marketing expertise through over 40 years of hands-on experience with nationwide manufacturing and distribution.

The history of the Cubanita Frozen Foods brand traces its root to the late 1970’s. It all began in the suburbs of Miami; where the local family owned pizza parlor once stood. At the time, serving pizzas and preparing sandwiches were our in house specialties. surely thereafter we took advantage on what a new unique product known today as empanadas, some referred to them as dough for pastries.

We started using this versatile product in our pizzeria/cafeteria stand, soon enough sales & demand of this product began to increase, which suddenly lead to new ideas.

Through the knowledge & experience acquired in the manufacturing of empanada dough products, we proceeded, and soon positioned Cubanita Frozen Foods as one of the leading companies as manufacturers and distributors of empanda food dough products. With our dedicated focus for quality in the empanada frozen food industry, we have attained a well-known reputation throughout the country and worldwide.

Here we are 42 years later.

Cubanita Frozen Foods
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